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Here are a few examples of work I have written or edited. For confidentiality reasons, most are from my own work rather than work carried out for clients, unless this is publicly accessible.

This page is only a start. I will be adding more samples from time to time, as I get permission to do so from clients.


Writing examples

How to Live to 110: Your comprehensive guide to a healthy life, published by Metro Publishing, 2012, 376 pages (ISBN 978 1 84358 300 4).

This is an illustrated, easy-to-read guide that explains the science behind modern diseases and presents straightforward steps to avoid them. It is entirely based on science, and I co-wrote it with my father, Brian Kirby, a retired Professor of Medicine.

  The book explains heart disease and other diseases of the blood vessels such as strokes, cancers, diabetes, high blood pressure, lung diseases, liver and kidney diseases, and infections. It then suggests lifestyle changes relating to physical activity, nutrition, avoiding hunger, losing body fat, giving up smoking, etc., explaining why these make a difference.

  Following the suggestions in the book should help readers live longer and, more importantly, remain vigorous, healthy, active and clear-thinking throughout their later years.

  I produced the 200 illustrations myself.

Sample chapters on the website associated with the book give an idea of my writing style: click the links on this page to chapter 1, chapter 2 and samples. (The link opens in a new window.)




Editing examples

   How to Live to 110 is also a good example of my editing work. Between us, my father and I wrote about 180,000 words, which I shortened to 110,000 words, simplified for the general reader and made consistent in style.

   Over the years I have edited a large set of technical documents, some exceeding 100,000 words, relating to a European nuclear power station. These were translated into English by engineers to ensure accuracy of technical terms, and I edited them into a version suitable for review by a team of international experts.

   Transylvania: a land beyond fiction and myth, by Zoltan Farkas and Judit Sos, 380 pages, ISBN 978-9638709035. This guidebook was originally written in Hungarian and then translated into English in a fairly literal way. I edited the translation into something more colloquial and free-flowing.




Website examples

   I designed and wrote all the text for this website, and also for the large website associated with How to Live to 110. The illustrations and graphics are my own, produced using ArtRage.

   Over time I may seek permission to list other sites I have worked on.